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27 years young and full of adventure. Our love for travel grew once becoming travel nurses back in 2019. We love everything travel related and sharing our travel stories and guides on social media. We have recently developed a travel agency called "Sunsets and Suitcases Travel Agency" in order to help others travel the way that we do.


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Work With Us

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your company, product or destination? We can use our platforms to help market your brand or product.

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These are ways that we can work together

Video Creation/Content

We can create videos for your brand. Whether you need raw footage or an edited video, we have you covered.

Sponsored Content

Do you have a product that needs to be advertised? With our social media platforms, we can market your product, destination, and business with sponsored videos and posts. All posts will include a disclosure.

Product/Brand/Hotel Review

We can provide honest reviews on our social media platforms

Brand Ambassadorships

We can work as your brand ambassadors to help represent your brand in a positive light.

Press/FAM Trips

We can attend press or FAM trips in order to create content

Contact us for our media kit or collaboration opportunities

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