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One Day In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We visited Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for one day on our way to a travel assignment in Denver, Colorado. Here are the things that we did and that you can do if you are here for a day!

Below is our YouTube video


If you didn’t know, Oklahoma City was attacked and the Federal building was bombed in 1995.

Now, there is a museum and memorial for you to learn about the events that day as well as pay respects for the victims.

Here is the website with tickets and more information

We really enjoyed this museum. We were infants when this happened, so we did not know very much about the incident. They keep the museum pretty updated, and it was actually one of the most interesting museums that we have visited on our travels. It was also nice seeing the memorial and paying respects to the victims.

Downtown OKC


Bricktown is a cute little area in the city with shopping and dining. There is a river here that you can ride a boat down to see the city If interested. We loved walking around and seeing what OKC had to offer.


Bricktown Brewery was a really good place to eat! We both had burgers and fries and thought that our meal was very good! Sam tried one of their beers and enjoyed it as well!


This monument in OKC represents the day that the unassigned land in Oklahoma was taken over. There are several large bronze statues and is very impressive to see.

There is free entry, as it is in a public park! There is plenty of parking as well.


Unfortunately, this was closed on the day that we went, but it is an awesome thing to do when in the city!

The wheel was actually an old one from the Santa Monica Pier and was relocated to OKC.

Here is the website for prices and further information.

That is everything that we were able to fit in our day in OKC.

Have you been to the city? If so, what are your favorite things to do?


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