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The Best Things To Do In Boise, Idaho

We spent 6 months in Boise Idaho for a travel nursing contract. During our stay, we did so many things and around the city. Here are the best things we found to do!

Boise River Greenbelt

Flowing right through downtown, you will find the Boise River Greenbelt. It is called the Greenbelt because it is so lush with greenery! This is the hot spot to be in Boise during the Summer. A popular thing to do is floating the river on a tube, kayak, or raft! You can rent tubes and rafts from "Boise River Raft and Tube."

There is a long 25 mile sidewalk along the greenbelt that is popular to hike and bike on!

There are many park benches and tables to sit and enjoy a sunny day outside!

Basque Block

Right in the middle of Downtown, you will find a Basque community! Here you can visit a museum, markets, restaurants, and at select times of the year, festivals!

Table Rock Hiking

The best hiking trail around Boise! This is a 3.7 mile, moderate hike with 879ft of elevation gain. At the top, you will find a large cross and a beautiful view of the city! Keep an eye out for rattle snakes though!

Farmers Markets

Boise has several farmers markets open on Saturdays!

My favorite one is called "Boise Farmers Market" It has a ton of locally grown produce and local food trucks!

Another market that you can visit is called "Capitol City Farmers Market" This one is located at the Grove Plaza and claims to be the largest in Idaho. I felt that the other market had more locally grown items and "Boise Farmers Market" looked bigger in my opinion.

Night Life

Downtown Boise has some really fun night life! Idaho is one of the safest states, so we really felt like we could have fun without worrying too much about our safety. It is always smart to be aware of your surroundings though!

Boise is a college town, so keep in mind that there are a lot of 20 somethings! the city is lit up at night, making it one of the most beautiful downtowns! It is also a very walkable city!

Need some more ideas?! Check out this video!

Thanks for reading!


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