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We recently took a travel nursing assignment in Oahu, Hawaii and visited Maui for 6 days. Here is what we did and what you can do to have the perfect trip!

Would you rather watch a video about our trip? Here you go!


For our stay, we rented an AirBnb in Honokowai. The price was unbeatable compared to surrounding locations. I think we got lucky! The condo was across from a beautiful beach park with lots of shops near by! The location was a bit far from other things on the island, but we didn’t mind in order to save money!


The Road To Hana is one of the most scenic drives in the world! With 65 miles of sharp turns and beautiful scenery, you cannot miss this during your trip to Maui! Pro Tip: Take Dramamine before you start!

First, we downloaded an app called “Shaka Guide.” This app tracks your GPS location and is an audio guide that tells you locations to stop at and gives you fun information about the Road To Hana! The app itself is free to download, but each guide you buy cost money! It was definitely worth the price though and not too expensive!

We decided to also add on the Back Road to Hana, but keep in mind that 4 wheel drive is recommended if you continue past Hana!

Our stops were as follows: Ho'okipa Beach Park, Twin Falls, Honomonu Bay, Nua'ailua Viewpoint, Ke'anae Peninsula, Aunt Sandy's, Wailua Valley, Roadside Lava Tube, Nahiku Marketplace, Hana, Wailua Falls, Haleakala National Park (Pipiwai Trail), Huakini Beach.

Our YouTube video has more detailed information about our stops, so definitely watch it above!


Our second full day in Maui we chose to do some SCUBA diving! The two places that we went were beaches that can easily be snorkeled at, so keep these in mind!

Black Rock Beach

The best sea life at this beach is around the black rock that sits in the ocean! We saw everything from eels, sea turtles, and many many fish! If you are scuba diving, it is considered a mild drift dive around the rock!

Airport Beach

The reef at this beach is pretty close to the shore line and is about 30ft deep max! We also saw eels here and actually heard whale sounds (during whale season). Whale season is November up until May! This reef was absolutely beautiful and was our favorite spot out of the two!

Our faces are hilarious!


This beach is one of the best rated on Maui! It is found in a neighborhood and parking is on the main road. The beach was quite calm and a great place to relax after a busy couple of days!


This day, we visited Haleakala summit! We have seen many national parks, but this one has to be one of the more unique ones!

The drive to the summit is pretty long, but there are many pull offs to take in the views!

The summit is 10,000ft in elevation, so you drive through the clouds. What a cool experience!

There are many hikes in the park, but we chose to do the sliding sands trail. This is one of the most popular hikes in the park. The entire trail is over 11 miles long, but we only did the first mile. We saw that others were reporting that the views are the same for the entire hike and the best view point is within the first mile! Download the “Alltrails” app to get reviews and to track your hike!


We mainly ate at our AirBnb to save some money, but we did try a few restaurants! We are doing a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dive series on YouTube so, these spots were on the list!

Like Poke

This spot was delicious! It is known for its fried Poke. We tried both the fried and the regular poke, and cannot complain! Definitely some of the best we have had in Hawaii! The only downside of this place is the price! Very high prices for what you can find poke for at other places!

Down The Hatch

This restaurant was good, nothing too exciting! We got it take out though, so it could possibly be much better in the restaurant when it is fresh! The atmosphere was so awesome though! There is a large bar and outside seating with music!

Overall, our trip to Maui was fantastic and wish we could have stayed longer!

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