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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

We are here for three months for a travel nursing contract and we want to tell you some awesome things to do in Salt Lake City!

Here is our YouTube video over Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City has a beautiful mall called the City Creek Shopping Center. This mall is known for its beauty and glass dome ceiling that can be retracted to become open air! How cool is that?!

There are so many shops including department stores, chain stores, and local shops! This place is a must do for all of your shopping in the city!


Temple square is ranked the #1 place to see in SLC. Utah is very influenced by the mormon church, and this is where you can visit the beautiful temple (pending construction until 2025) and it’s neighboring buildings. Popular buildings to visit here include the tabernacle, where you can watch the choir sing, the Joseph Smith memorial building, where you can visit several restaurants and where many events take place, and the Beehive House, where you can tour the past home of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and learn about the Mormon Church.

We were told by many locals is that temple square is a must see at Christmas time because they put out amazing lights, the choir sings, and many events are put on here.


Salt Lake City is known for dirty soda, and Swig is where you can find them! Dirty soda is soda mixed with a bunch of flavors to make a delicious cocktail (non alcohol). You can choose their premade versions, or you can create your own! We have been several times since our first visit and have really enjoyed the “Dizzle” and “Beach Babe“ flavors.


Salt Lake City has the original KFC franchise location! On the inside, there is some memorabilia that you can view as well as have some awesome fried chicken!

When we went, the inside was closed and only the drive through was open. The chicken on the other hand was to die for! We were quite surprised at how good the food was, as KFC has never really made an impact on us before now. I guess the original is best, am I right?!


I have to say that Utah‘s capitol building ranks up there with one of the best that we have seen, and we tend to visit a lot of capitols.

The building sits on a huge hill and can be seen from miles away! It is especially beautiful at night. The inside is decked out with white marble, paintings and gold furnishings. It is an incredible site to see. On the bottom level, it kind of acts like a small museum with a bunch of things on display that symbolize the state as a whole.

Even if you aren’t usually impressed with capitol buildings, we do recommend that you at least see this one! There are also free guided tours if interested!


The great salt lake is a must if you are in the city for a bit, I mean that is why the city is named as it is!

We chose to visit Antelope Island State Park, which comes highly recommended as the spot to see at the lake! The state park has many hiking trails and is perfect for wildlife viewing. We got to see many wild bison here. We loved watching them graze and gallop around the place! Not to mention the views of the mountains in contrast with the lake were to die for!

There are several spots of the Great Salt Lake that has a pink color to it, just know that the best time to visit those spots are in the summer. You may be a bit disappointed if you visit in other parts of the year.


The Red Iguana restaurant is known in Salt Lake City as being one of the top places to eat in the city! It was featured on Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives. We like to visit DDD locations, so we decided to try it and we were not disappointed!

We tried the salad and tacos and were both impressed with the food. The drinks were even better! They have a long list of margaritas that you can choose from and can even request your preferred tequila. The margaritas were some of the best that we have had! We also tried their alcoholic coffees, which were great as well!


Ensign Peak is one if the best views of the city skyline! It is a short but very steep hike up to the top. The hike is totally worth it to see the views, just keep in mind that you may get a good work out in!

We went at sunset and did not regret it! The sun setting on the mountain side was one of the most gorgeous sights because it made a purple hue against the peaks.

You could see everything for miles and miles!


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